Now offering private and group classes at agreed upon times. There will be no charge for classes. 2 hrs of training (class) in exchange for 2 hrs of help around the homestead working on current projects with the owners after class. (Examples might include seed starting, garden work, watering, mulching beds, weeding, harvesting and processing produce etc.) WIN WIN for all of us! Classes will run from 1-5 pm Mon-Sat. Small group (SG) is 1-2 participants & Large group (LG) is 3-6 participants. If you find a class you’re interested in fill out the class form link for the class or classes you’re interested in and possible dates. I will then get back to you. Classes are for adults only. Teens welcome with parents if they are willing to work in garden, as well, afterwords. Depending on class, samples may be given as a make and take (mushroom log, loaf of bread, bath bombs, etc)

Kitchen classes

  • Fermented Foods: Come learn how to make cultured veggies and yogurt. They are so good for you and are so much cheaper to make your own. So many various ways to prepare too!  SG & LG
  • Bread Making: Let’s make and break bread! Can be loaf bread or cinnamon rolls. We will grind flour and you will be the chef-in-training. Tasting time when class is over is the best part!  SG
  • Canning pickles or jam: Finished product will depend on the season. We will cook, can and eat something yummy! Low to no-sugar options also!  SG
  • Herbal salves, infusions, tinctures and teas: Depending upon the season some may be picked fresh from the garden. Green plantain /comfrey salve is a favorite.  SG & LG
  • Trim Healthy Mama baking and drinks: Learn how no-sugar treats can be the best ever. Learn about superfoods and even turn them into something above and beyond!  SG
  • Making sugar scrubs and  bath bombs: Simple to do and oh, so special to give as gifts and treat yourself for a “special self-care day”!  SG
  • Dehydrating and Freeze Drying:  Fruit leathers, flax crackers, preserve extra produce, mushrooms, etc can all be done. Freeze drying takes about 24 hrs but you can see how it’s done and eat some samples.  SG
  • Natural cleaning products:  Can be made so much cheaper and easier! Essential oils will almost make you want to clean! You are welcome to try my Norwex products (a friend sells via home parties, if interested. (They are high quality and have silver built into the fabric to kill germs)  SG & LG

Garden Classes

  • Identify native and garden plants and herbs:  We will do a walk- about and identify many plants including what’s wild and edible. Also learn ways to mark plants in your yard and garden. SG & LG
  • All things Elderberry:  Let’s make syrup and tinctures and even take home a rooted Elderberry plant!  SG
  • Mushroom growing:  We will inoculate logs or straw depending on type and resources at the time. Spores will be bought from local Mushroom Mountain right here in Easley! Note: they offer great monthly tours too! SG
  • Seed starting:  Learn different ways to start seeds and make your own potting soil. Labeling is an important part too! Don’t forget to save YOUR own seeds at the end of your garden season. Soil blocking will also be taught. SG
  • Making pizza with cob wood-fired oven: We will pick herbs and hopefully tomatoes to cook (note will need to be closer to suppertime and will end with a potluck here with other renters.) SG & LG
  • Sprouts and microgreens: Did you know sunflower microgreens taste just like the seed? Wheat and barley grass can be grown to juice or to feed chickens and other pets. Come learn how! SG

Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  • Sewing: Make an apron, simple girl’s dress or a lavender felt bird on an electric or treadle machine. SG
  • Creative Bible Journaling: This is probably my most favorite! The bible comes to life (at least for me) when I use the Illuminated Journal Bible with the right side of the page blank for writing key scriptures, thoughts, prayers etc. Can use drawings, painting, markers and stickers to bring it to life. Check out mine for ideas then let God speak! Can bring your own or buy a Book of the Bible to write in from me at cost ($5).  See for full sets and separate books that can be purchased too.  SG & LG
  • Paper collage on wood:  We will paint a wood scrap and while it’s drying we will cut and rip up paper to modge-podge items into a statement piece. Can bring small items and beads to add to your project. Beads can go on wire to be used for hanger.      SG & LG

Key to class size SG = Small Group 1-2 participants

                           LG = Large Group 3-6 participants                

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