Pot lucks 1st and 3rd Sunday of mo 6-8 April -Oct 2019

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1st and 3rd Sun 6-8 PM at Flowing River Place 120 Barbrey Dr Easley SC . On the Saluda River. Will have optional classes from 4-6 at times. Wood fired Pizza oven going when we can get it warmed up ahead of time and music, crafts and garden/animal tours after supper which is at 6:30. Check FB page for details on optional classes , speakers etc each time if you can. April-Oct 2019.
FOOD: We are wanting to promote HEALTHY food , gardening, homestead topics etc. PLEASE no white sugar, white flour, white pasta, masses produced meats, soda, alcohol, etc.
Good ideas for foods, Dark green salads, homemade breads, roasted veggies, vegan deserts, any fruit, veggies, beans, wild game, gluten free items, baked potatoes and toppings (sweet and white) etc. Web sites to check for recipe ideas are https://trimhealthymama.com/ , https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/, https://www.forksoverknives.com/, https://www.realfoodwholelife.com/recipes Best if you can bring recipe or take a picture with phone of it in case ones may have certain foods they dont eat if you can. Bring your WATER BOTTLE as we are into recycling and dont want to use plastic cups, spoons etc as we can pull it off. There will be a compost bin for food scraps too. Face Book Group (click on it )

Healthy Food Potluck & Free Creative workshops 1st Sun of month

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unnamedWe will start at 1pm after we get back from church. Please bring HEALTHY food. (No white sugar, processed foods like hot dogs, white bread, pork, sodas etc ) . Trying to encourage each other in healthy eating to cure and prevent disease , weight loss etc. We do a mixture of plant based and keto diet. with real foods lots of veggies being the base of it some favorite web sites with recipes are…

Dr Don Colbert 

Trim Healthy Mama

Body Ecology

CREATIVE TIME TOO : I hope to have some guest artists to teach us some new fun stuff (painting , clay, recycle projects , pallet recycle, beads wire art etc). Have  tables by the river  so after lunch if you are feeling in join us for some creative time . Depending on project might be small fee for supplies. Let us know if you have something you want to teach.


RIVER TIME : As weather permits you may choose to spend time in the Saluda River (at your own risk ) .Please keep kids safe as our bank is not all fenced in. Also can bring own rafts but keep good eye on them as they have been known to float away if not looking. Kyacks  welcome too. If you park a 2nd car/truck down river 5 miles away its a nice 2 hr float to get to it.

New Skills classes for Midwife students 2018

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Midwife Student Skills Classes

Midwife To Be in collaboration with Carolina Water Birth are offering 3 levels of classes for Midwife students .

Beginner level

  • How to find (and keep) a Midwife to work with
  • Study tips and paperwork
  • Conducting yourself as a student
  • Other ways to jump in (EMT, Doula , clinical trips etc )
  • Beginner skills from NARMS form 201 (explain, demo , practice and sign off as appropriate.)

Intermediate level  

  • Herbal use in Midwifery
  • Photography in pregnancy, birth and PP
  • The many ways to birth and props
  • Bumps in the road with training
  • Intermediate skills from   NARMS form 201 (explain, demo , practice and sign off as appropriate.)

Advanced level

  • Charting
  • Birth center vs homebirth practice
  • Finding clients
  • Setting up a practice
  • Advanced skills from   NARMS form 201 (explain, demo , practice and sign off as appropriate.)

Thurs 9-5 at www.flowingriverplace.com Easley SC Lisa Aman LM

Fri 9-5 at www.carolinawaterbirth.com Simpsonville SC Sandy Glenn CPM

Cost $250 per level (2 days training, 2 Midwives)

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