Midwife Student Skills Classes

Midwife To Be Skills 2019


CLASS 1  Feb 21-22,2019

Professional Issues, General Healthcare skills check off (Pages 1-6 current NARMS form 201a)

Topic: working with a midwife

Class 2  April 18-19,2019

Maternal Health assessment, Prenatal Care (Pages 6-12 current NARMS form 201a)

Topic: Study Tips and paperwork

Class 3  June 20-21, 2019

Prenatal Care, L&D (Pages 13-18 current NARMS form 201a)

Topic: Essential oils and other Alt health care

Class 4  Aug 15-16, 2019

L&D, Postpartum  (Pages 19-24 Current NARMS form 201a)

Topic: Doula Tips and serving at Births

Class 5  Oct 17-18, 2019

Postpartum, Breastfeeding &Newborn Exam (Pages 25-31 Current NARMS form 201a)

Topic: Herbs and Photography

Class 6  Dec 12-13,2019

Postpartum, Well Baby (Pages 31-38 Narms for 201a)

Topic: setting up a practice

Midwife To Be in collaboration with Carolina Water Birth are offering

Thurs 9-5 at www.carolinawaterbirth.com Simpsonville SC Sandy Glenn CPM

Fri  9-5 at www.flowingriverplace.com Easley SC Lisa Aman LM


Cost $250 for 2 days of training (14 hrs, 2 Midwives)

sign up on www.midwifetobe.com

ALSO Clinical Midwife/ Doula student trip to Dominican Republic July 22-Aug 5,2019



Also see Lisa Amans LM other web sites

www.newlifehomebirth.com  private homebirth practice since 1986

www.midwifetobe.com Midwife school on line using Moodle

www.doulatobe.com Doula school using wiziq (live and recorded)

www.globalmidwife.org clinical trips and international Midwifery